Singapore is one of the most visited countries in Asia. Though it is infamous for being the most expensive city in the world, you don’t have to break the bank to have a good time. Here are the 23 fun things to do in Singapore.

We have visited Singapore for 5 full days. We stayed at Adler Luxury Hostel in China Town. Here is a guide to the best hostels in Singapore. While we were visiting, we had the chance to try out all different kind of activities.

This is our list of things to do in Singapore we enjoyed most.

All budget friendly and extremely fun to do!

1. Visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens

A good day spent on getting in touch with numerous and rare species of plants and flowers. That is a day spent at the Singapore Botanic Gardens! Though the entrance is free, you have to pay a little amount to get in the National Orchid Garden.

We know what you are wondering… Yes! That’s the same garden that welcomes dignitaries and monarchs from all over the world when visiting Singapore.

National Orchid Garden in Singapore

2. Ride the Singapore Flyer

The counterpart of London Eye. Singapore flyer lets you experience a vast and magnificent view of the city. Particularly stunning at night. The view gives you a wonderful experience soaking up Singapore’s skyline. With a 30-minute ride, you can experience one of the world’s largest observation wheel.

3. Luxury time at Marina Bay Sands

The most spectacular hotel in Singapore. Marina Bay Sands is its own city. With rooms and suites, boutiques, restaurants and entertainment places, you will never get bored.

Book a room to swim in their infinity pool overlooking the entire city. Or dine at their many world-class restaurants. Or shop untill you drop at the hundreds of stores!

Luxury time at Marina Bay Singapore

4. Appreciate art then party hard at Clark Quay

Unarguably one of the most visited areas in the city, Clark Quay offers a lot to tourists. Here you can see Western style buildings. The Asian Civilizations Museum, Fort Canning Park, art gallery, a temple… you will never be bored!

Did we mentioned they have cool party venues too?

5. Pig out in Makansutra, a (food) fun things to do in Singapore

This is definitely a foodie heaven! With its fun and vibrant environment, vast food selections can be found. The beer is cheaper, it has a fantastic vies of the Marina Bay Sands and most of all, the food superb!

Visit this place if you want to sample all the gastronomic delights that the city has to offer!

6. Enjoy a Cable Car Ride to Sentosa Island

For those looking for a chill time, take the cable car ride to Sentosa Island.

It will give you scenic views of the city. Ideal either you are alone or with the entire family.

Sentosa Island, will you find peace and tranquility?

7. Unleash the inner kid in you at Universal Studios

Universal Studios is an out-of-this-world theme park. No wonder it is the top rated place to visit in Sentosa Island! The rides can accommodate thrill seekers to small kids.

Also you can see characters from Shrek, Sesame Street and even Minions… which makes the visit more fun!

8. Shop ‘Till You Drop at Orchard Road

A mecca for luxury goods, orchard Road is Asia’s famous shopping paradise. It houses luxury products from all over the world.

Make sure to visit during sale time (June) to score good bargains!

Shop 'Till You Drop at Orchard Road

9. Shop on a budget at Bugis Street

Popular among teens and twenty-somethings, Bugis Street is famous for thrift shopping. You can find cheap clothes, accessories and footwear. Not surprising at all for Singapore’s largest flea market.

10. Night Safari

The best night activity to do in Singapore, according to travellers, is to visit the Night Safari. The line to the tram may be long but once you are in, the ride will be worth it. You will experience the animals in their natural habitat as you can see them in open enclosure. Definitely an unforgettable experience!

11. Hipster time at Tiong Bahru

Considered one of the hippest neighbourhoods in town. Tiong Bahru is a mixture of all everything good. Here you can visit art-deco boutiques, lifestyle shops, food establishments, bars and cafes.

It happens to be one of the oldest residential places in Singapore. So it’s a past meets present fusion that gives you a unique experience.

12. Eat a lot of Hainanese Chicken Rice

Foodies say you have never experienced the real Singapore without having a taste of the popular dish Hainanese Chicken Rice. The rice is sometimes cooked with coconut milk or chicken broth. And the chicken boiled to classic perfection.

What makes this more delicious? The dynamics of the dipping sauces – garlic, chilli and something like oyster. You just HAVE to try it!

13. Go local and take IG-worthy pics at Haji Lane

Looking for unique, local-designed items? Head on to Haji lane, another famous shopping spot. You will never get tired of looking around their cute and vibrant street. The narrowest in the area!

IG-worthy pics at Haji Lane

14. National Museum of Singapore

The National Museum of Singapore is the oldest museum in Singapore.  It focuses mainly in showcasing the history of the island nation. Doesn’t sound like one of the fun thing to do in Singapore?

The building itself, which underwent extensive restoration and renovation, is a sight to behold. How much more the treasures it contain?

15. Eat More Food at Chinatown

One of the unique spots in Singapore to visit. Chinatown showcases its cultural heritage from its displays.

Here you can visit temples upon temples, a sky bridge, a museum and finally a market, which sells really affordable merchandise.

16. Jurong Bird Park

Colours everywhere! Jurong Bird Park not only offers many unique species of birds that will leave you impressed, but also other wildlife as well.

You can take part in the feeding sessions, exhibits, tours and even camps for kids!

Colorful bird at Jurong Bird Park

17. Little India

Have you become the ultimate shopaholic? Not yet? Then go straight to Little India! Experience a 24-hour shopping mall but with lower and better prices.

Fresh food, clothes, electronics, and even traditional Indian products. This is the place to go when buying souvenirs without being a big blow to the wallet.

18. OMG! Chili Crabs!

One of Singapore’s most famous dish. Considered by many as the city’s unofficial national dish, Chili Crabs are honestly an experience in itself.

You have to tray the semi sweet and spicy thick sauce that lathers up fresh and delicious crabs. Just watering by writing this…

19. More food trip opportunities Lau Pa Sat

Lau Pa Sat, one of the finest food markets in Singapore not only offers culinary experience.  But visual treats as well.

Aside from the prominent architecture of the building itself, Lau Pa Sat offers locals and tourists alike with variety of irresistible dishes. That everyone LOVES.

20. Kopi Tiams!

These are traditional coffee shops popularly located along residential areas and hawker centres. Although the menus are relatively simple, you are in for a treat.

Try the city’s popular breakfast of eggs, toast and kaya. Or treat yourself to a hot cup of teh, kopi, kopi c and a lot more!

21. Try the Singapore Sling!

The Singapore Sling is probably the most popular must-try drink in Singapore, lah! Originating in Raffles Hotel, this gin-based cocktail is shocking everyone who tries it. Why? Well, you have to try it yourself…

Sip a Singapore sling

22. Chill at the highest rooftop bar of Singapore!

Singapore is becoming the top choice of partygoers in Asia. Some people even book flights just to chill in one of the rooftop bars of the country!

It is safe to say that the 1-Altitude at Raffles Place is the hottest one right now. Being the highest rooftop terrace in Singapore, (63 storeys high). It showcases the good day and night aerial view of this striving metropolis. Good reviews from loyal customers made them #1!

23. Attend Film and Music Film Festivals!

The Laneway Music Festival is one of the biggest in Asia with a strong line-up every year. It is a good venue to discover new bands and performers from Asia. And at the same time, unleash the inner party animal in you!

For movie buffs, the Singapore International Film Festival is for you. Learn more about Singapore’s local filmmakers.  Appreciate the different films from various international independent movie outfits, which we rarely see in mainstream cinema. Oh yes…. celebrities pop in here and there!

Enjoying a Music concert in Singapore

Summary: Fun things to do in Singapore

Singapore is certainly an interesting destination. You can tell, it is something really special. Wander under the skyscrapers, visit the beautiful botanical garden or take a boat trip. The opportunities on things to do is endless, especially considering the size of this country.

As accommodation, we enjoy the Adler Luxury Hostel. You can find more reviews of Adler Luxury Hostel here.

We love to keep this list up to date. If you have any more suggestions, they are more than welcome. Please leave a comment!