Have you heard of Waikiki Beach Tarragona? It is a gorgeous beach south of Barcelona, next to Tarragona. The official name of Waikiki Beach Tarragona is “Cala Fonda”, but locals only call it Waikiki Beach.

When spending One Week In in Barcelona, a nice day trip to Waikiki Beach is a wonderful idea. There are usually not many people, and you can really chill and slow down. The beaches in Barcelona itself are always packed with endless people. Therefore, a short city break at the beach is a great idea.

Waikiki Beach Tarragona - How to get here and to enjoy!

How to get to Waikiki Beach Tarragona from Barcelona

There are different ways on how to get to Waikiki Beach. We actually recommend coming here by car, as it is more convenient. Either way, you will need to walk around 20 minutes to get to Waikiki Beach in Tarragona.

By Car: This is the easiest and most comfortable way. Coming from Barcelona, we recommend parking in La Mora, Tamarit. This is the closest place you can park your car.

By Train: Coming from Barcelona, you can take a train until

By Bus: You can take also the bus from Tarragona which leaves quite frequently. You can find the bus schedule at the Tarragona Public Transport.

Below you can find the different itineraries to get to Waikiki Beach.

The 20 Minutes Walk/ Hike:

Once you reach the beach in La Mora, it is a 20 min hike to Waikiki Beach Tarragona. Go to the beach and on the right-hand side on the cliffs you will see a camping site. You will need to cross this camping and just continue the coastline.

Remember that there is another, lovely beach before getting to Waikiki. This beach is called Platja Roca Plana. Just keep walking until you reach Waikiki Beach.

Things to bring to Waikiki Beach

There is no so-called chiringuito at the beach, so no beach bar. There is not anything you could buy water or food. Therefore, we recommend packing enough water and food so you can spend the day without being interrupted by hunger.

If you are sensitive to the sun, you obviously should bring suncream. There is basically no shadow at Waikiki Beach. An umbrella might be also a very clever idea to bring!

  • Umbrella
  • Sun cream
  • drinks
  • food

Please remember to take care of the beach and nature, and do no leave your trash behind. This way everybody can find a clean, gorgeous beach, only a 30-min ride away from Barcelona.

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