Montserrat Monastery, a Sanctuary nearby Barcelona

Montserrat Monastery is located in a multi-peaked mountain near Barcelona. Montserrat is the most significant mountain in Catalunya. It has lot of meaning for the catalan people. It is also well known as the site of the Benedictine Abbey, and that is why lot of pilgrims also visit Montserrat. The name Montserrat refers to the mountain
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Waikiki Beach Tarragona – How to get here and to enjoy!

Gorgeous Beach south of Barcelona

Have you heard of Waikiki Beach Tarragona? It is a gorgeous beach south of Barcelona, next to Tarragona. The official name of Waikiki Beach Tarragona is “Cala Fonda”, but locals only call it Waikiki Beach. When spending One Week In in Barcelona, a nice day trip to Waikiki Beach is a wonderful idea. There are
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